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School Uniforms Required for Duval County Students at More Schools

10:13 PM, Aug 1, 2011   |    comments
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  • Uniforms will be required at some Duval County schools
  • Uniforms will be required at some Duval County schools
  • Uniforms will be required at some Duval County schools

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Many parents will be adding polos and khaki pants to their back to school lists this year because uniforms are now required for more schools in the Duval County system. 

Children at Twin Lakes Academy Elementary School will be required to adhere to a stricter dress code this year. 

The rules call for students to wear only red, white and blue tops with khaki, navy or jean bottoms. 

"We thought that uniforms just kind of level the playing field for everyone, and it also gives us an opportunity to dress for success," explained Principal Denise Robertson.   

Students at Southside Middle School will be required to wear collared shirts this year in the schools: colors, black and yellow.  In a message to parents, Southside Principal Darrell Perry said other schools in the system have seen a decrease in bullying after instituting a more firm dress code. 

Duval County has had a uniform dress code in place since 1999, according to Jill Johnson, spokeswoman for the schools.  However, individual schools are allowed to create their own policies. 

Principal Robertson said the uniforms will reduce stress for parents.  She explained that the clothing costs less than other fashions and takes the guess work out of what students should wear to school each day.

Robertson also believes the dress code policies at Twin Lakes will still allow students to express themselves, hosting "NUT," or "No Uniform Today," days on campus once every two weeks. 

"We're still giving them opportunities to show their individuality," said Robertson.   "And I'd rather see their individuality come out in the things that they do--their actions rather than their clothes."

Students will be able to speak to their principals about opting out of the new uniform requirements, but Robertson said she will only accept valid reasons, like religious objections, in order to exempt a student from the policy. 

Students only have the first two weeks of school to try to opt out.

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