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Joy Purdy returns to GMJ Monday morning

9:49 AM, Sep 21, 2012   |    comments
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Editor's Note: First Coast News anchor Joy Purdy returns to Good Morning Jacksonville Monday following her maternity leave. She's decided to share some personal thoughts on her return and her children.

I can't sleep.
Not because my almost three-month-old Addison is keeping me up at night; the girl has just started sleeping seven hours straight!
I'm just a little nervous, as I'm about to do what so many working mothers have done before me -- return to work.
My days at home have been a lot of work (as any stay-at-home mom can attest to).

And yes -- I've had plenty of sleepless nights. But I made sure to enjoy every moment of my maternity leave -- and still, those three months feel as though they've flown by.
How wonderful it's been, bonding with my two-and-a-half-year-old; Alex has become quite the big helper, so loving and protective of her little sister.
And baby Addison has just started smiling at me when she hears my voice!

I know what each of her different cries means; whether she's hungry, just dumped a load in her diaper, even the cry that tells me, "Will you people stop making so much noise and just let me be alone with my baby thoughts?!?!"
As I get ready to return to my early morning work shift Monday on Good Morning Jacksonville, I keep telling myself, "Don't worry. When the little ones wake up, my work day will be half over -- just a few hours before I can see them again!!!"
Still, as much fun as I know I'm going to have reuniting and hamming it up with my GMJ coworkers, I know that during even the slightest lull in the day, thoughts of my babies will flood my brain.
That's when I'll reflect on how thankful I am to have such a great job, how good God has been to give me my two little miracles, and that it's OK to miss them all day long.
I also know it's that unconditional love I have for them that will make me an even better mom and employee, as I work to help provide for our new family.
See you Monday!

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