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14-year-old victim beaten near middle school speaks out

11:39 PM, Mar 18, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla -- Aria Jewett,14, is still wearing a hospital identification band after allegedly being beaten by a classmate outside a convenience store near Oceanway Middle School Thursday.

"I walked into the store and I didn't buy anything because she said she was going to buy something and I walked out and [the suspect] said, 'What have you been saying about me?'. I was like, 'Nothing', they already had all their phones out so I know she wanted to fight.  She's like I'm going to beat you up, well she said it in harsher terms and I was like no, I'm not fighting and I tried to walk away," said Aria Jewett.

Jewett said the girl at the center of the fight was once a close friend but after some name calling on Facebook and confusion about who said what, she's now at the center of a felony battery investigation.

"I saw her following so I kind of trotted then she hit my head on a wall and I don't remember anything after that," said Jewett.

According to Jacksonville Sheriff's Office reports, Aria had a basal skull fracture, severe concussion, mild abrasion and contusion to the head.

Jewett believes she could have been dead, had it not been for a 7th grade boy, who stopped the fight.

"I didn't think it would happen to me because it would be 1 out of 20, but nowadays you just never know.  It could happen to any of us over nothing, because it was over nothing," said Jewett.

 Jewett's mother said that her daughter is scheduled for a CT scan and MRI Tuesday because she said she has fluid in her head.

First Coast News asked to see the recording of the fight but Jewett's mother doesn't know the name of it.

First Coast News then asked to see Jewett's bruises but was told it was near her right and left breasts and she wasn't going to show us.

The 14-year-old teen suspect that is reported as beating Jewett's head into the wall has been charged with felony battery.

















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