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Tricare to limit autism therapy to 2 years

8:43 PM, Jul 16, 2013   |    comments
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KINGSLAND, Ga. -- Jenny Crump has two sons. Josh is 5 and Jake is 10. Jake lives with a form of autism.

"He has a lot of melt downs. A lot of temper tantrums," Crump said.

Her husband is in the Navy. They moved here almost 2 years ago, specifically for ABA, or applied behavior analysis therapy, through their insurance provider Tricare.

"It basically teaches the children how to deal with their emotions."

But there's a federal policy change coming on July 25th relating to ABA therapy for autistic children.

"I don't like the new policy change," Crump said.

Right now, Jake gets several hours a week of therapy. Crump pays a $30 copay. She fears the July 25th change might mean some would have to pay 10 percent of services, which could mean hundreds of dollars to some.

"The biggest change is they're going to limit the amount of therapy they can get to two years," Crump said.
Tricare spokesperson Bonnie Powell said co-pays wont change for active duty families in the echo autism demonstration.

Powell said contrary to popular belief, no monthly payments will go up for military families on the 25th.

"Anger, fear of what's going to happen to my child if he doesn't get this therapy," Crump said.

Powell said Tricare is aware of concerns from parents and beneficiaries. Families with concerns can register for e-alerts

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