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Introducing the bachelorettes of the Season 18

6:05 AM, Dec 17, 2013   |    comments
  • Alexis, 24: The Tampa communications director's favorite book? "The Bible." On her bucket list: "I'd love to visit Cuba with my Abuela and Abuelo to see where they grew up, where they met, and how life is like in their country." Craig Sjodin ABC
  • Lauren H., 25: If she could be one person for a day, who would it be? "Gwyneth Paltrow, so I could actually live out my fantasy of Chris Martin serenading me a love song." Craig Sjodin, ABC
  • Lauren S., 26: A music composer, she says her greatest achievement is her "piano music. I'm working on a 5th and 6th piano album. Also, I started my own business, which is still up and running successfully." Craig Sjodin, ABC
  • Lacy, 25: This nursing home owner says the people she admires most in the world are her parents "for loving 11 of us kids with 9 of them being mentally handicapped. They have hearts of gold and so have so much patience." Craig Sjodin, ABC
  • Kelly, 27, lists her occupation as "dog lover." Craig Sjodin, ABC
  • Kylie, 23: An interior designer from Rockford, Ill., says she hates it when a date "1. Is rude to the wait staff. 2. Eats less than I do. 3. Chews with his mouth open." Craig Sjodin, ABC
  • Lucy, 24: This Santa Barbara "free spirit" says, "I admire my best friend Kate Upton for her thick skin, my mother for her patience with me, and Steve Jobs for always believing in himself." Craig Sjodin, ABC
  • Kat, 29: She's a medical sales rep whose best date memory was when "a guy I had only known for a few weeks surprised me with tickets to Britney Spears for my birthday. He knew I had wanted to go and just told me we were heading out for dinner and then drove to the venue." Craig Sjodin, ABC
  • Valerie, 26: No surprises here. For this personal trainer, an ideal date involves "something outdoors and active, whether it was a sporting event or a trail hike." Craig Sjodin, ABC
  • Victoria, 24: This Brazilian-born legal assistant says she prefers to "be mysterious" rather than be the center of attention. Craig Sjodin, ABC
  • Maggie, 24: Is this personal banker from Wagener, S.C., a city person or a country person? "American by birth. Southern by the grace of God. Country all the way!" Craig Sjodin, ABC
  • Nikki, 26: She's a pediatric nurse and when asked her favorite type of dancing, Nikki replied, "Is drunk dancing a type?" Craig Sjodin, ABC
  • Renee, 32: This real estate agent from Martha's Vineyard, says for one day she'd like to be "a fighter pilot, because I want to fly under a canopy really fast." Craig Sjodin, ABC
  • Sharleen, 29: This opera singer from Canada says her most embarrassing moments happen "every time an audience applauds and I'm not happy with how I did. I can't help but squirm from feeling undeserving." Craig Sjodin, ABC
  • Amy L., 27: This local Clermont, Fla., news reporter says her favorite author is "Dr. Seuss." Craig Sjodin, ABC
  • Andi, 26: A federal prosecutor from Atlanta, Andi says the most outrageous thing she's ever done is "either getting a murderer convicted in 8 minutes or climbing the Leaning Tower of Pisa." Craig Sjodin, ABC
  • Ashley, 25: Does this grade school teacher from Roanoke, Texas, like to get dressed up or be more casual? Her answer: "Oscar Wilde puts this perfectly: 'You can never be overdressed or overeducated.'" Craig Sjodin, ABC
  • Cassandra, 21, is a former NBA dancer who is "slightly afraid of heights." Craig Sjodin, ABC
  • Allison, 26, (call her Alli): She's a nanny and she says the three things she'd take on a desert island would be: "A piano - I LOVE to play ... My dog Sebastian - I need company! ... and a knife - Bear Grylls says it's important." Craig Sjodin, ABC
  • Amy J., 31: This massage therapist says her favorite childhood memory is: "The family trip we took to Lake Tahoe. I'd never seen anything more gorgeous in my life, I learned how to play foosball, ate California Sourdough toast and laughed 'til my belly hurt with my family." Craig Sjodin, ABC
  • Chantal, 27: An account manager from Miami, Chantal says, "This is a once in a lifetime experience so I do hope for an amazing experience, meet new friends and travel, but most of all I want love." Craig Sjodin, ABC
  • Christine H., 23: She's a "police support specialist" from Miami and says she has "an embarrassing moment daily ... I'm pretty clumsy." Craig Sjodin, ABC
  • Clare, 32: A hairstylist from Sacramento, Clare says her greatest achievement is "owning my business and becoming 'successful' in my own eyes." Craig Sjodin, ABC
  • Danielle, 25: She's a psychiatric nurse from Litchfield, Ill., who loves Christmas but "is not a big sushi fan." Craig Sjodin, ABC
  • Elise, 27: This first grade teacher from Forty Fort, Penn., says 'The Secret' is her favorite book. "I thought I was positive before, but this book taught me I can have whatever it is I want in life." Craig Sjodin, ABC
  • Chelsie, 24: At 5-foot-3, she says she is prefers men that are "taller than me (which isn't hard), I like a nice smile and kind eyes. Other than that, it's the insides that count most." Craig Sjodin, ABC
  • Christy, 24: It takes this marketing manager from Aurora, Ill., "1 hour and 20 min." to get ready for a big night. Craig Sjodin, ABC
  • And here's the guy they're gunning for - Juan Pablo Galavis, 31, sexy, single, former pro soccer player and father from Miami and star of the 18th edition of 'The Bachelor,' kicking off Jan. 6 on ABC. He describes himself as "an all-night dancer." Ready, ladies? Craig Sjodin, ABC
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A new 'Bachelor' season kicks off on Jan. 6 on ABC with 27 women vying for single dad and former soccer player Juan Pablo's heart.

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