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First For You: Upgrades on

6:31 AM, Jan 20, 2014   |    comments
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You're going to love the look and features of the new First Coast News website.

First Coast News is turning a page or in this case, web page, in 2014, with a new visually stimulating website.

When the clock hits 11:30 p.m. Monday night, our website changes from the old, word driven and difficult to navigate page to a more user friendly and picture driven layout. 

Here are some examples of other Gannett properties that have already made the switch. Click to view:

USA Today



The address is the same --

Together, our website and newscasts will offer a greater depth of knowledge and visual experience than any other station. 

It's text with hard-hitting stories, first for you, but also images, and lots of video. We are a television station after all. 

You click on one picture, and it opens up a gallery of photos, like this.

If you missed keynote speaker Soledad O'Brien's Speech the 27th Annual Breakfast at the Prime Osborn Friday, we have the speech along with lots of other videos that were never aired on the website. 

First Coast News is simplifying and streamlining to enhance your online experience.

In the process, you will notice some changes as we migrate our years of local news coverage onto a new platform.

For example, you will notice that you cannot currently view videos on our homepage or our section fronts. You can still view videos inside individual stories. Our videos will be back on section fronts by next Thursday.

Occasionally, an archived story may come to the front of our website during this process.

Thank you for your patience. Stay tuned for the new and improved, coming Monday night.

First Coast News

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