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Tebow gets seven snaps, exits in goal-line situation

2:48 PM, Oct 9, 2012   |    comments
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Posted by Mike Florio on October 9, 2012, 9:43 AM EDT

The Jets continue to stumble when it comes to devising the proper strategy for using quarterback Tim Tebow.

Amid rampant reports and speculation that the Jets would make extensive use out of Tebow on Monday night against the Texans, Tebow was involved in only seven snaps.

And, as Rich Cimini of points out, Tebow exited one play after a 13-yard run took the ball to the Houston three early in the third quarter of the 23-17 loss.  Starting quarterback Mark Sanchez returned, he threw a pair of incomplete passes, and the Jets settled for a field goal.

So what did Mr. There's Only One Person That Carries The Ball Right Here have to say after the game?  "I was hoping with a few opportunities I could have punched one of those in," Tebow said.

That's the closest Tebow has come to saying anything other than what he thinks he needs to say.

What about the fact that Tebow was warming up extensively before the game?  Per Cimini, Tebow said it was out of boredom.

Again, that's a mild departure from the Buddy the Elf script.  Though Tebow has yet to take a giant step out of character, the combination of frustration, boredom, and the unrelenting New York media eventually could get Tebow to crack.

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