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Gun control debate reignites

8:55 PM, Jul 20, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The tragedy out in Colorado has reignited the debate over gun control and whether having a gun legally could have helped someone take out the shooter to save lives inside the Aurora theater.

Glen Mitchell found his son's lifeless body outside Terry Parker High School in Jacksonville back in 1993. Jeff was his first born son who was murdered during an attempted robbery just days before his 15th birthday.

Mitchell says, "Guns are too easily accessible. I feel and a lot of people feel we have a gun problem." Mitchell has been watching the tragedy unfolding in Colorado closely and says it's heartbreaking. "Well it was a grim reminder that individuals just do inexplicable actions and things that greatly impacts too many innocent people."

Meanwhile Susan Gonzalez, a grandmother, has another perspective. She says having a gun when the bad guys had one too saved her life. Gonzalez says, "Guns aren't what kill people it's the people that use the guns that kill someone."

She says she knows that firsthand.

She was watching TV and waiting for her son to return home in August of 1997 when someone jiggled the front doorknob and then kicked in the front door. Two men wearing masks came in waving guns. She was shot twice and so was her husband. She says, "And all I could see was his gun and arm when I peeked out the bedroom so I slid on that wall and came out that way and opened fire on him."

The suspect died.

First Coast News asked Gonzalez if she thought things could have ended differently inside that Colorado theater if one of the theater goers was trained and armed. She says, "I believe that if someone had been in there with a gun...a legal gun...with a permit that if nothing else maybe not as many people would have been injured and died."

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