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Teens now thankful they had no money for Batman movie tickets

8:21 AM, Jul 24, 2012   |    comments
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AURORA, Co. - This is a story about a wallet.  An empty one, that may have saved a young man's life.

Last Thursday evening, Liam Frey and his group of friends were hanging out.  But this night was going to be special.  "Everybody was like, are you going to the Dark Night, calling people," he said.

They were all in.  Until Frey found out his wallet was empty.  "I would have definitely gone, all my friends were going," he explained.

Brandon Morris was about to buy a ticket, but his direct deposit was missing from his account.  "It just didn't go through, it bounced the day of," he said.

He tells us he just started a new job, and didn't properly submit his payroll documents.  Morris told us, "I really believe God was looking out for me that night."

Devin Coleman had the cash, but didn't want to leave his friends behind.  "So I just stayed with them," he said.

Where were they going to sit?  In theater number nine.  They tell us they would have sat next to their good friend, 18-year-old Alexander Jonathan Boik.  "AJ" never made it out alive.

"This is the glove AJ gave me for freshman year for baseball.  I didn't have a glove and he was the only one who gave me one."

Kathy Frey, Liam's mom is so upset about what happened to all the victims, but is so thankful her son did not have money to buy a ticket that night.  "I'm so grateful that my son that I love so much is safe and home with me, but I have such a heavy heart," she said.

"It's never easy to think about death, especially when it's with somebody you know."  "I just want to let people know that he had a really big heart and he was one of the kindest people I have ever met."

They say in addition to losing Boik, six of their other friends were injured in the shooting.  Now, these young men are looking at life in a whole new way. 

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