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Theater shooting victim may have to live with bullet in head

1:17 PM, Jul 27, 2012   |    comments
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AURORA - "Yousef is amazing," said Katlyn I, the 16-year-old's older sister. "He's the funniest kid in school, always a jokester."

Sixteen-year-old Yousef Gharbi was shot in the head during Friday's theater shooting. He is listed in critical condition at University of Colorado Hospital.

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I says Yousef always takes care of people, just like a big brother would.

"He's always wanted to be there for people," Katlyn said.

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Big brothers can be just like superheroes.

"It's just Yousef, he's just the protector," Katlyn said. "He will take a bullet for them."

But sometimes those superheroes need help, too. Yousef has a younger brother and sister. His mom is a single parent. Katlyn said it's been hard on her mom.

"There's been some difficult times and then this happened," she said. "[We] kind of had a setback."

Yousef Gharbi was in theater 9 Friday.

"He actually pushed his friend, told him get down get down," Katlyn said. "His friend got down as Yousef was trying to get down with him. He got hit. He was hit on the right side of his brain."

"Its life threatening if they take the bullet out," Katlyn said. "They have seen many, many people get hit and live with a bullet in their brain. That gives us hope."

"Yousef is a fighter," Katlyn said. "He's going to get through this. I just thank God he's where he is right now. The hospital is doing wonders for him. The staff is amazing."

A fundraiser will be held August 10 at Yo Craze Frozen Yogurt in Aurora 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., located at the northeast corner of Tower and Hampden in Aurora, right by The Movie Tavern.

You can send your donations to: 1st Bank of Colorado under the name of Yousef Gharbi.


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