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Smaller City Park Building Cost Nearly $600,000

6:36 PM, Mar 23, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- This is a tale of two parks.  Both in Jacksonville.  Brackridge on the Southside and Barco Field on the Westside.

Both parks have buildings. At Brackridge, the city had this structure built on site, from scratch in December of 2011.

It's nearly 1300 square feet and cost nearly $550,000.  That's $432 per square foot.  It houses four restrooms, a concession stand and a meeting room.  The price also included two covered pavilions, a playground, sidewalks, 2,000 linear feet of fencing and restriping the parking lot.

Across town at Barco, the city had a pre-fabricated building shipped in and construction was completed in January of this year.  It has four restrooms, a concession stand and a small utility room.

The project also included plumbing and some drainage improvements, and a box and a ramp for scorekeeping.  It's only three-quarters the size of the other building, yet cost nearly $54,000 more, for a total of nearly $600,000.  When you break down the numbers, this smaller structure cost $658 per square foot. 

This smaller building cost you, the taxpayers, more than 65% per square foot more, compared to this larger building, which also included the extras mentioned.

We have made a number of requests over the past two days to interview someone at the city about this issue.  Pam Roman of Jax Parks has not yet granted that request.

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