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Things You Should Never Buy Used

9:23 AM, Apr 30, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE- Craigslist, Ebay, garage sales and flea markets are just a few places you can get good deals on used items.  But not all previously owned items are created equal. Here's a list of the top 10 items the experts say you should always buy new. 


Since laptops are portable they're likely to be dropped and mishandled.  Buy a new one instead, unless its refurbished and you have a factory warranty.

Digital & Video Cameras

People also tend to have the dropsies with digital and video cameras.  The damage might not be visible but it could cost a lot to repair.  An alternative is to buy last year's model new.

Car Seats

Car Seats carry your most precious cargo. Even if a used one looks OK, there's a possibly its damaged or has been in an accident.  So shell out the $50 to get a new one and have peace of mind.


It's the same thing with helmets.  A crash may only crush the foam inside where you can't see it.  Bike helmets retail for $20, motorcycle helmets a lot more.  You can  keep those costs down by skipping the fancy paint job.

Plasma TV's

Plasmas TVs have come down a lot in price.  A new one may be cheaper than repairing the screen.  Unless you buy a used plasma so cheap you don't care if it breaks, buy new.

DVD Players

CD's and DVD's are ok to buy used if they don't have scratches but you're better off buying  DVD players off a store shelf.  A used DVD's lasers will cost a lot to replace if they wear out or break.

Vacuum Cleaners

You can pick up a used vacuum cleaner for $10 but they're prone to abuse.  Unless you're handy, you're better off buying a new one for less than $100. Make sure to avoid the extra bells and whistles.


Poor fitting shoes can cause back and foot problems. When you buy someone shoes you're also buying something that was molded by their foot. You're better off shopping the sales or last year's models.

Wet Suits

People love the water here in Jacksonville. If you're thinking about buying a wet suit to go surfing or diving used ones may not be a good idea. The neoprene compresses and becomes thinner and less buoyant over time. A new wet suit will cost between $100 and $400.


And finally mattresses. This goes without saying.  Who knows what lurks on and inside the foam and coils.  Consumer Reports says you should spend about $800 on a new mattress and box spring that will last 10years. That's only 25 cents a night.

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