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Over 3,000 Dead Jacksonville Voters Removed from Rolls

12:49 PM, May 17, 2012   |    comments
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TAMPA, Fla. -- Florida is calling on county election supervisors to remove more than 53,000 dead people from the state's voting rolls.

State officials this year checked Social Security files and concluded that people who died were still registered to vote. This was the first time the state checked the files. It was allowed under a controversial election law that passed the GOP-controlled Legislature last year.

In Duval County, Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland said approximately 3,200 deceased people were taken off voter rolls.

Holland said next week his office will receive a list of all non U.S. citizens on the voter rolls who will also have to be removed.  Holland expects there to be about 3,600 people on that list.

An attorney with the Department of State told election supervisors on Wednesday they have seven days to remove a deceased voter from the rolls.
But some supervisors want to know if they will be given more proof that the voter is dead.
The move to remove dead voters comes at the same time when state officials are pushing to remove thousands non U.S.-citizens from the rolls.

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