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New Duval County Courthouse opens

1:04 PM, Jun 18, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The new Duval County Courthouse is finally opening its doors to the public this morning.

The first hearing inside the new building is scheduled to begin at 8:00 a.m. 

In order to make the first day inside the courthouse flow smoothly, the court administrator's office is hoping to provide maps to first-time visitors.

According to Jim Fuller, the Clerk of Court for Duval County, attorneys and others took tours of the building ahead of its opening.  However, some of Fuller's staff will be waiting in the lobby to help guide members of the public where they need to go. 

"Just come on down, we will help you out, show you where to go," explained Fuller.  "We'll have people that will direct you and try to help you find your way."

Fuller said he expects things to go well on the first day.  Most people will only need to go to the first floor to handle business in the Clerk's office.

First Floor

Clerk of Court Operations

-Foreclosure (Room 1212)

-Circuit Civil (Room 1212)

-Misdemeanor Room (Room 1223)

-Tax Deeds (Room 1053)

-Duval Federal Credit Union (Room 1224)


Second Floor

Clerk of Court Operations

-Jury Assembly (Room 2379)

-Marriage Licenses (Room 2403)

-Juvenile (Room 2017)

-Felony (Room 2136)

-Domestic Violence (Room 2409)

-Family Law (Room 2474)

-Mediation Hearing Rooms

-Magistrate Hearing Rooms

-The Law Library

-Drug Court

-Teen Court

-Court Reporter Room


Third Floor

-Criminal and County Courtrooms


Fourth Floor

-Criminal and County Courtrooms

-Grand Jury Room

-State Attorney's Office


Fifth Floor


-Public Defender

-Felony Courtrooms


Sixth Floor

-Circuit, Civil and Felony Courtrooms

-Foreclosure (Courtroom 609)

-Court Administrator


Seventh Floor

-Judges' Offices

-Hearing Rooms

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