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Michelle Obama encourages supporters to get friends, family to vote early

9:50 PM, Nov 1, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Michelle Obama brought some more star power with her to a Jacksonville rally for President Obama on Thursday afternoon. Grammy-winning artist Stevie Wonder performed before she took the stage.

Like GOP nominee Mitt Romney did during his Jacksonville visit on Wednesday, Mrs. Obama encouraged the estimated 4,700 attendees to support the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

"Before I get started -- in light of what has happened on the east coast over these past several days, I do want to take a moment to say of course that our thoughts and our prayers are with everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy," she said. " ... And I know that one of the things that we do in times of crisis is come together. Yes, we do. We will continue to come together as one American family. To help our fellow citizens recover from this devastating storm."

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She then encouraged supporters to talk to their friends and family about voting early in case something comes up on Election Day.

"For the next five days, here is what you can do. You can talk to everybody you know. Everybody you know -- the friends, the neighbors, the cousins -- the folks you know may just not vote," she said. " ... And if you can get them to vote early -- alright? We're pushing early vote, and I voted early. I did. We got a lot of early voters here?  Because you never know what's going to happen on election day, you know?  Life happens."

The First Lady spoke about her upbringing, and she talked about the President's accomplishments.

"With a million jobs that would have been lost, your president had the back of American workers that is why today the auto industry is back on its feet again," she said. 

She even pushed back at the Romney campaign without mentioning his name.  Bill Hodges thought her remarks were on point.

"I though she was really wonderful," said Hodges," they stand for the things I believe."

Ernestine Palamore made it a field trip for her home schooled students and they were impressed.

"It was awesome," said one student.

College student Danyelle Johnson was in the crowd.

"I thought her message was delivered well," she said.

The first lady repeated several times that the elections are five days away, and each day is even more critical to giving the president four more years.

"It is a choice between our values and what we are going to give to our kids and our grandkids,' she said.

Organizers had three vans at the event to take voters to the polls, I don't know if there were any takers, but many who came to the rally left energized.

Mrs. Obama also told the crowd of her admiration of Wonder, that "Talking Book" was her first album. Before she took the stage, Wonder performed several songs including "Superstition." He even joked about the opponents of President Obama.

"I want to say sincerely it is my honor to have been asked to come out. Because I wanted to come out and just show my support and appreciation for a president that has been for all people. For all people," Wonder said. "You know what amazes me is when I hear all these various people talking crazy. And I say, "They must be blinder than me." 

He talked and inspired the audience with songs; his message was clear get out and vote.

"At this point in history, we have a choice to make," said Wonder.

From Jacksonville, Michelle Obama headed to Daytona Beach and then Miami. She said the campaign wants to win Florida again and its 29 electoral votes.

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