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State Attorney Angela Corey reacts to overturned murder conviction of Michael R. Jackson

10:46 PM, Nov 16, 2012   |    comments
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ORANGE PARK, Fla. -- Michael Renard Jackson was sentenced to death two years ago in the killing and rape of Andrea Boyer. The Florida Supreme Court said detectives questioning Jackson went too far, at least in what the jury heard during the trial.

State Attorney Angela Corey, who helped try the case, is puzzled by the high court's review of the evidence.

Prosecutors had strong DNA evidence in the trial against Jackson.   But a video tape interrogation by detectives seen by the jurors troubled the Florida Supreme Court.

Family of victim say the overturned conviction caught them off guard.

"I think we're all pretty much still in shock for the most part. We don't know whether or not we're sad, if we're angry or if we're just overwhelmed," said Heather Fletcher, sister-in-law of Andrea.

State Attorney Angela Corey was involved in the case. She saw no minefield at the time in what the jury heard when showing them Jackson being questioned about the death of Boyer, who was raped and murdered.

"We felt very comfortable that we were operating with the bounds of the law as did Judge Wilkes, as did the defense," Corey said.

The Florida Supreme Court found flaws in a detectives expressing the view Jackson was guilty during questioning.

"It seems like the court is saying the detectives questions and his disbelief invaded the province of the jury," said Assistant State Attorney Dan Skinner.
In other words, the jury got a prejudiced view of the defendant.
Jackson, who is on death row, will remain there until he is brought back to Clay County. The victim's family says they will be there too.

"He's putting my family through an absolute nightmare for a third time," Fletcher said.

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