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Wolfson principal, teachers mourn student's death

7:00 PM, Nov 27, 2012   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla -- A sad day for Wolfson High School, where students and teachers are mourning Jordan Davis' death and are finding their own ways to express their grief.

"The message I hear from the children is that they feel like they are part of a family here and the grieving process is never easy. It's different for all for all of them," said David Garner, principal at Wolfson High School.

A red poster stretched across the hallway at Wolfson High School displays the feeling of sadness and pain shared by students after they lost their friend in a shooting Friday night. Davis lost his life after he was shot twice by suspect Michael Dunn in what police say was a dispute over loud music at a Southside gas station.

On their first day back at school since Jordan's death, his teachers remember their student -- even if the first impression wasn't the best.

"He was bucking me a lot. Everything. If I said red, he would do the opposite of everything that I said. So, of course at first initially, I said 'oh my gosh this kid is going to be a ride,'" said Carolyn Aponte, an intensive reading teacher at Wolfson High School.

At first, teachers say Jordan was a bit rebellious in class. He was in an intensive reading class for not passing the FCAT, but soon found his way in a new school after moving here from Atlanta two years ago.

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"During the time he was with me, he must have realized that I really did care about him so one day in the hall, and this is one of the fond memories that I wanted to talk about, he sees me with his arms wide open he's on the extreme other end of the hallway calling my name, 'Mrs. Aponte will you marry me?' ... he goes ... 'you know I'm just messing with you,'" said Aponte.

He did pass the FCAT and as an upcoming senior, he was starting to figure out what he wanted to do after graduation.

"I thought Jordan was a bright young man I was really impressed when he told me he wanted to go into the military as a former military person myself, I know he had some good ambitions and good goals," says Garner.

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Senior English teacher Ninon Rhome said Jordan was a class motivator and she was beginning to see motivation in him as he was moving towards his goals.

"He started listening when we were reading and started breaking it down, he really got into and that pulled him in and he was like 'I've never done this before' and I said 'welcome,'" said Rhome.

Garner said grief counselors are on-hand to talk to any students in need. Jordan's family will be holding a viewing at the Hardage-Gardens Funeral Home of Mandarin on Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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