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Carnival Triumph passenger: People were upset when other Carnival ship wouldn't take them

12:24 AM, Feb 15, 2013   |    comments
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MOBILE, Ala. -- Stranded passengers like 30-year-old Jacob Combs from Dallas are finally making their way off the Carnival Triumph.

He's been documenting the nightmare since it started four days ago because what was initially reported as an engine fire quickly turned into a dire situation when a power outage caused section doors to slam shut and panic already fearful passengers.

"The outdoor doors that were open begin letting in smoke so we can't see, we can't breathe and that's the point when everyone starks freaking out," said Combs.

And with no power the ship has gone completely black and the toilets have stopped working--which means there's raw sewage everywhere.

"People were going in sinks, people were going in the trash cans, people were going in the toilets until they would overflow," Combs said.

So with close quarters and a lack of ventilation, the horrible smell had become overwhelming and passengers on this streamliner move out of their rooms and onto the deck. They created makeshift rooms with bed sheets serving as their tents.

"We actually called it tent city because if you could see it from front to back there were people sleeping under sheets," Combs said.

Despite two to three hour wait times for food, Combs said the only time people have been really upset is when the Carnival Conquest dropped off supplies and refused to save any of the Triumph passengers.

"It was a mixture of frustration with them not getting us off and putting us on the other boat and happy that there was going to be some way some sense to get back," Combs said.

And a small sense of comfort knowing that what was going to be a triumphant trip will have a happy ending.

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