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Space-X launches at Kennedy Space Center

8:24 PM, Mar 1, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A big move for the future of space travel as a private company launched the Space-X Falcon 9 Dragon on Friday.

This is one small step for Space-X and one giant leap for Space Exploration.

With a burst of fire and a roar that echoes across the Kennedy Space Center, The Space-X Falcon 9 Dragon began its journey carrying 1,200 lbs of supplies and experiments.

But not long after Dragon reached its orbit, there was a problem.

Space-X announced only one of four thruster pods was running.

But after a few tense hours, Space-X announced all four sets of maneuvering thrusters should be working again soon.

Though multimillion dollar Dragon will not dock with the Space Station on Saturday as planned.

Even through the nail-biting launches, those working at NASA, like Jim Adams, say it is a reminder our conquest into space is still alive.

"Just because the space shuttle isn't flying anymore, doesn't mean Nasa is dead. It is very much alive. It is moving forward into deep space."

And for those going into deep space, Space-X says it is hoping that in the near future these rockets will not just carry supplies- but astronauts as well.

Space-X said it will continue to test Dragon's systems for the next several hours and perform orbital maneuvers.

The next chance for Dragon to dock with the Space Station is Sunday.

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