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Immigration: How did the Tsrnaev bothers end up in U.S.

4:00 PM, Apr 20, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Last week's events that unfolded in Boston are drawing two issues. One, the country of Chechnya and immigration and the other issue is how the two brothers ended up in the U.S.

Sam Sukhar hails from Russia and he has a small store on the Southside of Jacksonville. Just like the rest of the country, Sukhar had an interest in watching the manhunt that took place in Boston.

Sukhar said, "We had problems with Chechnya all the time. We had problems, with those people all the time war, war going on 15 years for me very surprised what happened."

The brothers grew up in a country that in the past twenty years fought two wars with Russia. In this part of the world, those wars divided nations and galvanized opinions.

Matthew McCluskey, a former history instructor said, "Russians look at Chechens as very violent people, Chechens probably describe themselves as passionate, very courageous people."

Matthew McCluskey is very familiar having traveled to that part of the world.

McCluskey said, "Now it's a place where a lot of Islamic extremism, and so there were Chechens who joined Al Qaeda, we found them in Afghanistan and Iraq."

One of the Tsrnaev brothers became a U.S. citizen and the other did not. This is where immigration and asylum trigger debate.

Margaret Resch, an immigrant from Scotland said, "I'm an immigrant. I have a green card. Anybody can be a terrorist."

Resch has been in the states since 1979. When terrorism strikes American soil like in Boston, Resch said it draws attention to immigration and people who don't always become citizens.

Resch said, "I think it makes it harder on the rest of us that are good citizens and come from other countries and have green card. We work hard; I've worked hard all my life. I think it's harder for people like us when things like this happen because we get judged. I don't think it is right."

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