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Sweetwater homeowners: Plea to Celebration Church for quiet falls on deaf ears

11:21 PM, Apr 23, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- First Coast News got a plea for help from a group of homeowners desperate to get a nearby church to turn down the music during Wednesday and Sunday services.

After the residents contacted Celebration Church complaining the music was too loud, the church's response has some neighbors feeling like their concerns are falling on deaf ears.

"We invite Celebration Church to come over and sit on my chair on my patio and listen to what we have to listen to when they have their services," said Dave, a concerned homeowner.

After months of allegedly fighting to regain their quiet, calm community, the homeowners of Sweetwater finally received a response from Celebration Church.

The following letter was sent to First Coast News in response to our request for an on-camera interview:

"We are sincerely sorry if our services or events have disturbed any of our neighbors. At Celebration Church, we seek to serve and add value to our community. We have worked hard to incorporate exterior noise reduction into the design of our campus on RG Skinner Parkway. With these efforts, even the highest volume levels inside the sanctuary are minimized to a level that is barely audible outside the building.

On Easter Sunday, we hosted an outdoor Easter egg hunt and family picnic in the afternoon. This could explain the elevated sound levels the homeowner, Dave, referenced in the story. We are sorry for the disturbance. These outdoor events are only held sporadically throughout the year. We appreciate the opportunity to serve our neighbors and surrounding community as a new church campus.

This will be our final comment on this matter. Thank you so much for your inquiry."

"This last paragraph this is 'our final comment on this matter,' what that tells me is we need to all collectively call as soon as they start, to call the sheriff's department because when we did they broke it up," said Patty Welch, another concerned homeowner.

Since our first report on April 10, a number of homeowners told FCN they called the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office after an outdoor church concert took place on April 17.

JSO confirmed they received multiple calls April 17 and had multiple officers respond.

Despite the church's incorporated exterior noise reduction design, the muffled bass is still an issue for the nearby retired homeowners craving peace and quiet.

"I'm going to stick it out. I just hope the church can be more Christian towards us," Welch said.

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