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Video game recreates Boston Marathon bombings

5:37 AM, Apr 30, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -  A new video game that is circulating online has many people outraged.

The game, which is available for free download on, is called, "The Boston Marathon: Terror on the Streets."

Before you visit the website or play the game, you should know they both feature extremely graphic and offensive imagery.

The objective is to make it through the race without hitting pressure cookers, as they move through the street.

The background shows puddles of blood, injured spectators and banners with Boston written on them.

If you are not able to avoid the pressure cookers in time, your runner explodes and a text appears with explicit language that says you did not survive.

People on the First Coast said they can't believe someone would make a game out of a national tragedy that killed three people and injured dozens of others.

Gretchen Denninger said, "I mean, that's a tragic thing that happened to many people and they'll never get over that. And here we are making a video game. It's terrible to think that."

Burl Graves said, "I would not let my kid play it. There's just no reason for it. It's stupid. You know, like I said before, next thing you know we'll have 9/11 games."

The game is also being criticized by a Ponte Vedra Beach man who survived the deadly bombings more than two weeks ago.

David Green also snapped a picture following the blasts that captured the surviving suspect.

That very photo went viral and helped federal authorities identify who they were looking for.

Green said he hopes people will choose to ignore the controversial video game.

"As I learned in the marathon itself, you can do small things that make a big difference. So each of us can do something by not buying it or not paying any attention to it. And I think we'll send a real clear message," he said.

First Coast News could not find any contact information for who is behind the website.

But experts are weighing in with talking points parents could consider regarding violent video games like this one.

Here are suggestions for Dr. Amanda S. Lochrie, a board certified psychologist with Nemours Children's Clinic in Jacksonville:

  • Monitor your child's game time.  Be available to watch your child while they are playing and talk with them about the content.
  • Limit your child's game time.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends limiting any kind of screen time (i.e., computer, video games, TV) to less than 2 hours a day and we recommend that many parents avoid these types of electronics during the school week.
  • Observe their behavior before and after playing the game.  If it difficult to get your child to stop playing or a source of arguments and frustration during this time, it should be restricted from any use or very limited.
  • Put the console in a common area location so that you are aware when your children are playing the games and what they are playing.
  • If you allow your child to play video games with other children online, additional monitoring is essential.  Parents should always know who their children are playing with online and what they are playing.
  • For additional advice and information please visit

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