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Disabled exit at Duval County Courthouse leads to stairs

9:22 PM, May 15, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Dana made his first visit ever to the Duval County Courthouse on Tuesday and immediately noticed what he thought was an obvious design mistake.

Dana did not want First Coast News to show his face or use his full name.
He took a video of an emergency escape that ends just outside the door for disabled people in wheelchairs.

"A sign of a wheelchair area of rescue assistance," Dana said in the video, "that is led to some stairs ... because you know stairs are so easy to roll down in a wheelchair."

"I was upset about it," he said. "I know one lady in a wheelchair, I know she would end up out here stuck by herself by stairs, she could just wheel herself down here to all these nice big sidewalks they have out here."

Dana would like something done about it quickly: Just add a ramp, he said, so a disabled person could help themselves, and not have to wait for a rescue in an emergency.

"So why trap them here, when it is obvious they can get out and get away to the sidewalk," he said.

Chief Judge John Moran told FCN that he was totally unaware of this issue, and said he is glad Dana and FCN drew his attention to this problem.

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