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Classmate of Elvis Presley has rare photo, recording

8:03 PM, May 22, 2013   |    comments
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NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. -- It's not so rare to run into someone with a vast Elvis Presley memorabilia collection.

Yes, the King has a lot of fans. But what is rare is getting collectibles directly from Elvis himself while spending time in gym class together.

Frank Frasier isn't paranoid. Maybe it's just a suspicious mind.

"I keep it in a safety deposit box," he said.

Because the contents of the black brief case are pretty special. And won't keep it in his Nassau County home.

Frasier was born in Memphis, Tenn., and he went to grade school at Humes, a few years younger than the king of rock and roll.

"7th grade ... Elvis was a senior then, of course he didn't look like Elvis then, rough face," Frasier said.

The two became friends in intramural gym class where Elvis was all-time quarterback in touch football.

"I always wanted to be the center," Frasier said.

So time goes by and Elvis Presley becomes Elvis. And in 1957, Frasier thought he'd pay a visit to his old high school buddy at Graceland.

"I said 'can I have a few pictures?' He said 'yeah, go ahead.'"

Frasier snapped a shot of a 22-year-old King.

"I took this pic myself with a little browing hawkeye camera."

It's locked in his briefcase along with other collectibles from the king.

But he's most proud of a rough recording of Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis, taken at a radio station in the late '50s.

A DJ friend gave it to him.

"Some people want to put it on a CD for me, and I said I like it like this. Original," Frasier said.

Priceless artifacts from a man who knew and loved the King on a unique level.
"Kinda makes me want to go back to the '50s, ya know?"
He said he's been offered as much as $20,000 dollars for his collection. He didn't accept, though he's always open to negotiation.
Frasier was kind enough to call us and tell us his story during a First For You phone bank.
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