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NSA leaker to reveal more secrets, says paper

10:42 AM, Jun 12, 2013   |    comments
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HONG KONG -- NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has emerged from hiding to reveal more information on two U.S. terrorist surveillance programs he leaked to journalists last week, a Hong Kong newspaper said Wednesday.

The report from the South China Morning Post comes as some in Hong Kong announced a march in support of Snowden.

Snowden, who is hiding on the Chinese island territory, reveals "explosive details" on U.S. surveillance targets, the Post says. He also talks about his plans for the immediate future and the steps he says the U.S. government s taken since he fled to Hong Kong.

The Post says its exclusive interview with Snowden will be published "soon."

The 29-year-old former-CIA analyst was working as a computer consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton, a defense contractor that does work for a National Security Agency facility in Hawaii. The U.S. government says he stole secret documents pertaining to data mining programs that seek to locate terrorists operating in the United States.

Snowden gave the documents to the London-based newspaper The Guardian and The Washington Post ton two massive data collection systems that catalog vast numbers of phone call data, emails and other online communications by U.S. and foreign citizens in the United States and around the world. The programs do not listen in on calls or allow the government to read emails, but search for patterns that indicate possible communications with terrorist abroad, according to the U.S. government.

While the Hong Kong government maintained its silence on Snowden for a third day, groups were moving forward with plans for a march to support him.

"Together let's protect people so brave and selfless as Snowden," said Angus Chiu as he registered for the event on its Facebook page.

The announcement of the "Rally to Support Edward Snowden" lists 15 groups as organizers, including the League of Social Democrats, a political party, the Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union and the Civil Human Rights Front, which organizes the city's biggest annual protest event, a march on the July 1 anniversary of Hong Kong's return to Chinese rule.

"We call on Hong Kong to respect international legal standards and procedures relating to the protection of Snowden," said the organizers. "We condemn the U.S. government for violating our rights and privacy and we call on the U.S. not to prosecute Snowden."

Three legislators, the head of a local human rights group and a media activist are listed as confirmed speakers for the march, which is to start Saturday afternoon from a subway exit and proceed to the U.S. consulate and the offices of the city's government.

After six hours, nearly 100 people had indicated plans to attend with another 50 down as "maybe".

"This episode marks a crossroads in Hong Kong's future," the organizers say, suggesting that marchers bring signs bearing slogans such as "Betray Snowden = Betray Freedom" or "Defend Free Speech, Protect Snowden".

Local media reports meanwhile indicated that the government believed Snowden was still in the city and may have sought to talk to a lawyer. Wednesday however was a public holiday in the city so few would have been in their offices.


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