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Local marriage counselor weighs in on sexting scandals

4:31 PM, Jul 25, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- One local marriage counselor said 24-hour access to cell phones and computers is making it more difficult for married couples to say together.

"I think technology is probably one of the worst things that's happened to couples. Every single couple that I have here talks about problems on Facebook, talks about text messages, talks about social media in general," said Dr. Matt Borer, a licensed marriage counselor.

Dr. Borer has been a licensed marriage counselor for five years. He says texts, emails, and social media sites have made it easier for people to have an affair and keep it a secret.

"It used to be that you had to call somebody, you had to meet somewhere, you had to show up," said Dr. Borer. 

Communication in the form of sexting has gotten politicians, like Anthony Wenier, and public figures in trouble and put them in the spotlight. 

Dr. Borer says usually when sexting occurs there has already been an affair or there will be one, but he says it's usually not the cause of divorce.

"70 percent of couples that have been cheated on stay together," said Dr. Borer.

But some women like Ivy Cooper say they wouldn't forgive.

"I'm always open to counseling but personally I don't think it would help in that situation. If I caught my husband having any sort of contact with another woman in that way, it would pretty much be over," said Cooper.

Cooper has been married for two years and has two children with her husband. 

As a hair stylist Cooper says women talk all the time and says communication is the best way to avoid marital issues.

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