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Woman finds man's ashes in a bottle

12:21 PM, Jul 27, 2013   |    comments
Judi Sidney found the bottle on a beach in the Keys, and discovered a touching story of a widow who sent her husband's ashes on a journey because he loved to travel.
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St. Petersburg, Florida -- This is the story of the human spirit and how we may all be connected. A simple walk on the beach in the Florida Keys ends in unexpected joy for Judi Sidney and her husband Allan.

"I picked up this one bottle and there was two dollars in it, and there was a note inside and I was like, 'oh my goodness, it's a man's body," said Sidney.

The "body" Judi found was the cremated remains of Gordon Scott Smith. A Tenessee man who loved to travel. So after his death, his wife made sure he would do it for eternity.

"And to hear the joy in his wife's voice when I called her, it was marvelous."

But the story doesn't end in the Keys. Mr. Smith's journey has gone global. Judi was stunned to see thousands of comments on the facebook page of the Glunz Hotel and Ocean Resort, which they own.

"One of the people on Facebook sent us a message from Australia and she saw the story on the news in Australia.

Judi set Mr.Smith free once again, releasing him in the current that flows through the seven mile bridge in a rum bottle, sealed with super glue, and the power of the human spirit.

"We let him loose into the water and his journey continues. I hope someone else finds him."


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