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Miami company develops bulletproof backpack inserts

9:56 PM, Aug 17, 2013   |    comments
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PINELLAS PARK, Fla. (WTSP) -- It's back to school shopping season where you can find supplies in every shape, size, design and color. And this school year, there's a totally new item-- bulletproof backpacks.

"I felt it necessary to be proactive," said Robert Scott, president of Florida based Armous Wear. 

His company is producing specially designed, light-weight inserts capable of absorbing a gunman's bullets.

"After the events of Sandy Hook and Columbine we live in dangerous and perilous times. There's real life monsters out there that inflict harm on children and adults." 

Scott says he designed the product with his own daughters in mind.

"Why not have something in your backpack? In case of some type of ambush or some type of hot situation, you've got a little extra protection."

The inserts are currently available on-line and Scott says he's working to convince retailers like WalMart and Bass Pro Shop to stock them nationwide.

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The bullet proof backpack idea is met with mixed reviews among parents.

"I would hate to have to think about it," said preschool teacher Laura Hayward. "I probably wouldn't buy it."

"Just of the sheer possibility, it would protect them, I'd want to do it," said parent Lora Heaton whose two daughters say it's something they'd want at school. 

Scott says it's all about giving kids a chance in the most unthinkable of situations.

"If I can save just one life, I've done my job."

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