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Alleged notorious cat burglar Blaine Nordahl lived in Jacksonville's Arlington area

6:11 PM, Aug 28, 2013   |    comments
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  • Nordahl lived in this home on Lawn Tennis Lane in Arlington

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Police say Blaine Nordahl, the man who made his living stealing expensive silver from fancy homes across the East Coast, lived in an Arlington neighborhood in Jacksonville. 

Nordahl lived on Lawn Tennis Lane in the Forest Hills neighborhood off Townsend Road near Fort Caroline Road.

Police say Nordahl has snatched about $6 million worth of antique silver over the years. Among his targets were Bruce Springsteen, sportscaster Curt Gowdy, movie producer Steven Spielberg and singer Billy Joel.

A suspect in 70 burglaries in 6 states, Nassau County deputies arrested Nordahl Monday at an apartment complex in the tiny town of Hilliard on a tip from police authorities in Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina that he was going there to visit a girlfriend.

Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper said the man known as "The Silver Thief" would case a mansion, break in undetected, even while people slept inside, and quietly steal valuable silver.

"He would be that brazen. Break into homes while people were there, bypass alarm systems, and get the silver. Sometimes he would go outside, he had a testing kit, see if it was real silver. If not he would leave it there. If it was real he would take it and leave," said Leeper.

Police searching for Nordahl were all over the neighborhood in the evening hours Saturday.

"I could not get on my street for almost two hours," Vanessa Cashen said. 

Cashen says about 30 police officers surrounded Nordahl's home Saturday night, three doors down from her home. He was captured a day and a half later.

Cashen couldn't believe he was the alleged Burgler to the Stars.

"He was a total normal guy, you would never think anything of it. He decorated for Christmas, he mowed his own lawn. He didn't talk, just stuck to himself. You would never think of anything like this happening down our street of all places"

Seventeen years ago Nordahl served an eight year sentence for stealing $50,000 worth of silver from the home of Ivana Trump.

A woman named Natalie who lived just down the street couldn't believe this famous cat burgler was living in her neighborhood.  

"I can't believe it. That is insane. I can't believe someone like that was living here."

A woman living next door to Nordahl told First Coast News that he would not let anyone get close to him.  

Cashen said he would park his cars in the driveway rear end first, so you could not see his license plates.  She now understands now why he might have done that.

First Coast News

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