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Diary of a bullied child

8:45 PM, Sep 20, 2013   |    comments
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Full disclosure. I am an adult now. But what happened to me in elementary and middle school stays with me to this day MANY years later.

Bullies zero in on weaknesses. Mine was glasses, being bigger than the other girls, and being smart. Really smart.

And most if the time I pretended I wasn't just to fit in. But it didn't matter. The popular crowd might be nice to me for a day or two, but there was always that rejection that followed my desperate need to fit in.

Now, with children of my own who I hope to bring to the Anti-Bully Boot Camp, here is my message to the parents and kids who might attend: come and be empowered. Come and learn what your rights are. Come and hear some really successful people share how THEY were bullied but now they are successful and happy.

And how those bullies from school are now bullies at work, or wearing orange jumpsuits behind bars.

I wish there had been an Anti-Bully Boot Camp those many nights I cried myself to sleep.

But I am a survivor. You can be too.

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