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School sends home letter saying student is overweight

4:17 PM, Oct 6, 2013   |    comments
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PENSACOLA, Fla. -- A Naples mother is upset with a school letter that describes her daughter as overweight. That was the conclusion of a state health department screening. 

It's an issue many parents are dealing with these days. As a mother of four Kristen Grasso is conscious of what her kids eat...That's why the latest letter sent home with her 11-year-old from school is difficult to understand. 

It classifies her as overweight. Kristen is talking about this letter---showing her daughter's results from a health screening done at school---her BMI suggests she's overweight--and then her percentage BMI. 

Her percentage falls in at risk and if you go to the Florida Department of Health's website and you read it, it lists her as overweight. 

This is a picture of her 11-year-old. She says her daughter is one of the tallest in her class. At 5'5 weighing and a 124 pounds. 

Do you consider her overweight? Absolutely not. Lily is tall, athletic solid muscle, by no means is she overweight. 

As a mom, she worries about the message these results send to a young child. Kids that see results of this test that may be classified as overweight, that aren't, the self-esteem issues that they may get.

I took those concerns to the Collier County Health Department. They say the school screening is required under Florida law. 

They have all departments in the state do screenings for school age children, but parents can opt out. The health department spokeswoman shows me the form parents can fill out rejecting the screening. 

Kristen tells me she received that form but the form said it would be a vision, hearing, growth and development screening. 

Kristen didn't assume a child's weight would be involved.


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