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Krokodil: Recipe for disfiguring addiction

5:02 AM, Oct 29, 2013   |    comments
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- It's a horrifying new drug that might leave you speechless when you see what it can do to your body. It goes by the street name of "Krokodil" or "Crocodile" and is heavily used in Russia, but recently media reports have instances of it showing up in Arizona, Oklahoma and most recently Illinois.

Krokodil or Crocodile gets its name from how it turns the skin around the drug injection site dark and scaly, then in some cases melting off the flesh all together leaving open wounds.

"If Krokodil makes its way here, I shudder to think of the issues it is going to bring," said Commander Chuck Mulligan with the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office.

Commander Chuck Mulligan said he heard about its use in Russia about a year ago, but there have been no cases reported in Georgia or Florida. He said currently law enforcement is in a monitoring stage, waiting to see if it will appear in our area.

So what is krokodil? It is often a cheaper substitute for heroin. It is a mixture of things like codeine, iodine, gasoline, industrial cleaning oil, lighter fluid and paint thinner.

"This drug has a very horrific effect on the human appearance to others," said Commander Mulligan.

Though krokodil has now appeared yet on our streets, Commander Mulligan still wants the public to be aware of what is out there so parents can warn their children.

"People will watch this story and then google krokodil,"says Commander Mulligan," this is a very dangerous drug and it can have significant impacts on us as a society."

Scroll over the interactive photo below to read more on the side-effects of each deadly ingredient in Krokodil.

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