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Tiger brothers leave Palm Beach Zoo for Jacksonville

4:30 PM, Oct 28, 2013   |    comments
Jaya, Bunga and Penari. Photo courtesy of Palm Beach Zoo Twitter.
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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Three tiger brothers from the Palm Beach Zoo are on their way to a new home in Jacksonville.

Three tiger brothers are moving from the Palm Beach Zoo to the Jacksonville Zoo as part of a mission of endangered species propagation.

Jaya, Bunga and Penari were safely transferred to a moving truck Monday. The tigers were anesthetized before being put in steel shipping crates with hay and other familiar smells.

Zoo workers said the trio woke up once they were inside and seemed calm.

The tigers are moving to the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens to take part in the March 2014 debut of a 2.5-acre exhibit called "Land of the Tiger."

The siblings will be kept in quarantine for 30 days and stay behind the scenes until their debut.

Palm Beach Zoo associated curator Nancy Nill said it was difficult to see the tigers leave after watching them grow up at the zoo.

"It's like your child graduating, so it is bittersweet," Nill said.

She cried as the tigers were being loaded on the truck.

"I did break down, especially when Jaya went in," she admitted. "But I know they are going to a wonderful place. This is for the survival of their species, for them to mate and have families. So there is that satisfaction. This is for the greater good."


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