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Junior high student receives life threatening letters

12:16 AM, Nov 14, 2013   |    comments
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CLAY COUNTY, Fla. --  It's a case police say goes beyond bullying and into a criminal act. A teenage girl is given five letters, each more explicit than the next, detailing how someone wants to kill her.

She says they were left in her locker about two weeks ago. She handed them over to her principal at Lakeside Junior High. And after reading through the shocking letters the police were then involved.

"She came home and showed me more," said the mother who chose not to be identified. "I was sick just sick. It is graphic and disturbing."

She says she couldn't believe the words written on the papers.

One reads, "I just want to rip out that black heart of yours so bad. It's just so tempting to stab you and rip open your chest to find a lifeless dark lifeless heart."

"My biggest fear is she might act out on these," said the mother.

She says once he was made aware of the letters, the principal at Lakeside Junior High made copies and sent them out to all teachers, attempting to figure out whose handwriting it is. But so far there have been no solid leads.

A spokesperson with the Clay County School district says they're taking this very seriously and are working with the Clay County Sheriffs Office to get to the bottom of things. But while they investigate a 13-year-old girl and her family are waiting in fear.

"I'm afraid that my daughter walking down the hall may get stabbed in the back like it said, may get pushed down the stairs and beaten with rocks," said the teenagers mother.

One of these notes encourages the girl to jump out of the window and fall to her death. FCN could not share some of the letters because of the language.

But this mother says a child capable of writing something so sick should not be in school among other children.

The Clay County Sheriffs Office says the case has been transferred to the Juvenile Crime Section and the investigation is ongoing.

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