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First Coast News wins Emmy Awards in 4 categories

2:48 PM, Nov 25, 2013   |    comments
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First Coast News staffers won four Emmy Awards at the Suncoast Emmys held in Hollywood, Fla., on Saturday night.

We congratulate all of our winners.


On-Camera Talent/Reporter - Feature/Human Interest

Jeannie Blaylock

WTLV-TV, Jacksonville, FL

"Never Did I Dream"

"I struggled for a long time to decide if I wanted to share this very personal story about my own daughter. I am convinced now that it was a good idea. I'm still getting emails from our area and around the country from individuals and families dealing with CVS. In fact, some had never found an expert to help them and they're seeing my daughter's doctor now in Jacksonville. I'm talking with others, mostly parents, who feel alone and scared, just as I felt. I hope this story will continue to connect people and take some of the fear out of CVS.

What means the most to me, though, is when caring folks on our First Coast just walk up to my daughter and hug her. They'll tell her they've been praying for her and she is one brave young woman. She still struggles with some CVS-related issues, but we've come a long way. For that we are blessed."

-Jeannie Blaylock


Feature News Report - Light Feature

Life by Accident

Jessica Clark, Justin Patterson

WTLV, Jacksonville, FL

"When I learned the crew at TISIRI (a group that dives and promotes artificial reefs) had found parts of a plane on the ocean floor, I was intrigued. Months later, in a follow up phone call, I learned that Joe, the director for TISIRI, had researched and discovered exactly which plane it was, that it went down in the 1960's, and that the pilot was still alive! I knew there was a great story to tell. Joe and the TISIRI team allowed us to go out with them when they took the pilot to the crash site, 20 miles of St. Augustine's coast.

What a day! What a great group of people! What a story to share! It was an honor to experience that moment.

Justin Patterson worked tirelessly to shoot and edit the story. He put up with my sea sickness and my re-writes!"

Feature News Report - Serious Feature

Fire, Ice & Fortune
Justin Patterson, Anne Schindler
WTLV-TV, Jacksonville, FL
For "Fire, Ice & Fortune," our crew had to purchase and borrow heavy clothes to travel to the frozen tundra.

"Hazing? Maybe. I'd been on the job just 5 months when the station sent me to the heart of North Dakota fracking country -- in December -- to cover the story of Floridians chasing the oil boom But this piece was hugely satisfying -- visually spectacular, and a great example of a station willing to think outside state borders to tell our story."

-Anne Schindler


Historical/Cultural - News

From Foes to Friends

Justin Patterson, Lewis Turner
WTLV-TV, Jacksonville, FL

"The story From Foes to Friends was definitely one of my favorite to work on in a long time. It was about two new friends, who had actually been natural enemies for the better part of three decades. One of the men was a Florida Wildlife Commission game warden, a lawman, the other was the most notorious poacher in Putnam County. The game warden spent his entire career trying to arrest the poacher, never succeeded, and now that they're both retired are fishing buddies. So we spent the day on a boat in the rivers and creeks of Putnam County, learning about these guys' pasts, learning about the illegal methods of fishing the poacher had used, and how both have changed allowing for this cool friendship."

-Lewis Turner

First Coast News

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